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Why Feature Flags?

In a perfect world everyone's code works flawlessly on the first go, but that's just not reality. For those times it doesn't go as planned, we have your back. Rollback your code changes in seconds, allowing your application to instantly recover from buggy code.

Lower risk and stress

Releasing a new feature can be stressful, but with the instant rollbacks of feature flags, the stress of things going wrong is gone.

Faster Innovation

Release new code confidently as frequently as you want. Cut down on git conflicts. Deliver new features to customers as fast as you want.

Reduce time-to-value

Confidently ship new features to customer early and often.

Effortless to use

The Tenit Features API is accessed via an HTTP request which includes your feature flag name, an id for the current user or account, and then simply check the value of the enabled field returned to see if the user should get the new feature or not.

Integrate it into your code in 5 minutes or less.

Want some more details about how to implement feature flags into code? Check out our docs about implementation with code samples. 


  • Release Confidently

  • Improve Reliability

  • Easy to use

Add features into your code as fast as you want, and then release those features to your users as fast or slow as you're comfortable with as you build confidence in the feature.

Sleep calmly at night knowing that any issue that comes up with a new release, it can be rolled back in seconds.

Add support for feature flags into your code is as simple as a few lines of code, and a single if-check.

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Check it out

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