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Bringing developer enablement tools that are typically only available when working in large software companies, and making them affordable, and simple to use for any developer or development team. 

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In a perfect world everyone's code works flawlessly on the first attempt, but that's just not the reality. For those times it doesn't go as planned, we have your back. Rollback your code changes in seconds, allowing your application to instantly recover from buggy code.

Mobile app analytics
Native Replay

Session Replays built for
React Native

Session replays for mobile apps offer numerous benefits for developers and users alike. By capturing and recording user interactions within the app, developers gain invaluable insights into how users navigate the application, pinpointing areas for improvement and optimization. This data allows developers to make informed decisions to enhance the user experience, ultimately leading to higher user engagement and retention. Additionally, session replays provide a valuable troubleshooting tool, allowing developers to easily identify and diagnose bugs or issues in real-time. With the ability to roll back code changes in seconds, developers can quickly address any issues and ensure a seamless user experience. Overall, session replays for mobile apps are an essential tool for optimizing performance, improving user satisfaction, and driving success in the competitive app market.